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Sanitisation Protocols

In such unprecedented times, it seems the thorough cleaning of shiny hard surfaces, as well as softer fabric/leather ones, is crucial in containing COVID-19. We are capable of doing this, in high volumes with ingrained procedures ensuring safety.

We are trading almost as an essential service, providing cleansing services for peace of mind.

Improved awareness of our sanitisation services and including some of them free with every interior order, is one step we’ve taken for greater peace of mind for our valued customers.

For our Customers

  • Complimentary cockpit and seatbelt sanitisation on arrival and during the interior process.
  • Cafes have become takeaway only with automated espresso machines.
  • Social distancing in former cafe waiting areas.
  • Better use of outside capacity with seating reorganised to enable much more space at a rate of 1 customer /4sqm.
  • Handwash spray bottles placed conveniently for all to use.
  • Our normal wash processes of 6 freshly washed towels per vehicle to be increased to 8, enabling the anti-bac sanitising to be performed after every interior service.
  • Our attempt to maintain high staffing levels, so that services can be completed at extremely efficient rates. We aim for an inside and out, windows and wheels wash to be complete in under 20 min from start to finish.

For our Staff

  • Initial sanitisation of high touch areas before starting the wash process will protect staff who drive/work in the vehicle.
  • Gloves available, to minimise contact with facial areas.
  • Hand sanitiser availabl , introduced procedure to be used between every vehicle wash for interior cleaning staff.
  • Social distancing should be natural in our workflow protocols, either side of a vehicle, one at back, one at front etc. Regularly monitored.
  • We will endeavour to staff our sites quite heavily, to provide our customers with the fastest service possible.
  • Gloves available, to minimise contact with facial areas.
  • Cash handling awareness.
  • Frequent wipedown of keypad terminals and Tyro payment machines.
  • Hand sanitiser available for very frequent use.
About Us
About Us

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We specialise in high quality, efficient car washes. Our Car Wash Cafes are located across
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4 Min Wash
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